The Hybrid Model of Education

Hybrid learning schools carefully blend traditional classroom learning with well-crafted, instructor-led, online curriculum. The hybrid model brings together the best of both styles of learning. 

A hybrid model for classical online education in Los Angeles is similar to the structure of a university degree. Students attend class twice a week to receive in-person instructions, engage in dialogue, present papers and engage in other academic activities. This model of education is commonly referred to as the 60/40 Model.

• 40% of the week in class
• 60% of the week completing assignments independently while receiving online instructions from faculty

In a hybrid environment, students are able to make meaningful connections with their instructors and fellow students while simultaneously enjoying the flexibility of working from home. Most of the coursework is completed independently with the support of an instructor. Students are required to attend classes in person to partake in hands-on experiential learning in the fine arts, laboratory science, speech and debate, mock trial and outdoor excursions.

Benefits of Hybrid Structure


At Chesterton, students enjoy a learning environment absent of classroom distractions, busywork and an unmotivated learning atmosphere. Students will receive academic advancements if they demonstrate academic mastery and have the opportunity to learn and flourish in a conducive learning environment.


Students and parents receive real-time information on assignments, grades and announcements. Parents are able to keep daily track of their student’s progress by viewing assignments, grades and teacher feedback. Classical online education in Los Angeles is all about transparency, efficiency and most of all - safety.


A hybrid model cultivates the student’s ability to communicate with faculty in writing and on the phone. Because students are required to interact with a user-friendly online platform, students become equipped for an increasingly online college experience and digital work environment.

Expected Outcomes

Our dedicated instructors foster a student-centered learning environment using the best of online and in-person education. Upon graduation, students display excellence in active reading and listening, effective writing, eloquent speaking, mathematics, science, world languages and business etiquette. Our students learn to pursue knowledge as an end unto itself, and not simply as a mean. The benefits to receiving a classical online education in Los Angeles are manifold.


“In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.”
Mortimer J. Adler