Help Chesterton Grow

The Chesterton School of Liberal Arts equips a generation of young minds with the virtues, knowledge and skills they need to guide society forward to the next frontier.

Our state-of-the art online classical school in Glendale employs a flexible hybrid model allowing our students to take courses online at their own pace as well as in a classroom. In addition to learning core subjects, our students read the classics and learning how to speak, read and write in a modern foreign language. Our mission is to help each student thrive – at an affordable tuition – and pursue wisdom, succeed professionally and live a beautiful life.

Help Chesterton change the status quo.

We’re thrilled to have our soft opening for friends and family this upcoming Fall 2018, but we still need your help to support our outreach efforts for Chesterton’s Grand Opening in Fall 2019.

We’re asking 300 of our closest friends and community members to become Friends of Chesterton by donating between $5 and $20 every month for our first year.

Please join us in our pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.

Become a Friend of Chesterton today.