Chesterton Strives for Excellence

Chesterton School bestows upon students a mastery of a classical liberal arts education, conversational fluency in a second language and preparation for the professional world. We use the Hillsdale curriculum for the humanities and the Accelerate curriculum for math and science as the foundation of our classical online education in Glendale.

Classical Education

We take students on a journey through the great works of history by canvassing distinguished thinkers and writers such as Plato, Augustine, Dostoevsky, Jane Austin, Lewis Carroll and C.S Lewis. We train students in both thought and sentiment to know and love goodness, truth and beauty.

Chinese and Spanish

Students acquire a working knowledge of the modern foreign language of their choice to give them a professional advantage and help them cultivate the life of their mind. Our students are completely immersed during personal, professional and cultural interactions with native speakers.

Professional Preparedness

We launch students into college or career with the skills required in today’s global economy. We teach them basic financial literacy, business etiquette and social networking and connect them to apprenticeship opportunities.

Classical Model Education

What does classical online education in Glendale look like? The classical model of education is shorthand for a cluster of related pedagogical strategies intended to teach students how to learn. By learning the “master skills” of reading, writing and speaking, students are better equipped not only to learn other subjects but to continue learning throughout their lifetime. Read more about Classical Education.


Students focus first on grammar, which teaches them the basic structures of thought in every discipline. They acquire a broad vocabulary by reading traditional English grammar as well as Greek, Latin and other languages.

Primary Sources

Students encounter the “Great Books” from every age, rather than just the popular books of the present day. They read the best stories as well as philosophy, science, literature and mythology from a variety of cultures in order to find beauty wherever it may be found.

Virtue Training

Students acquire moral and intellectual virtues such as moderation, courage, rationality and practical wisdom through interacting with their faculty mentors and through studying virtuous exemplars in literature and history.


The classical model divides learning into three phases that correspond to student’s developmental abilities: Grammar (1st-6th grades), Dialectic (7th-8th) and Rhetoric (9th-12th). Each phase corresponds to the psychological and social development of the student.

Modern Language Immersion

As cultures and countries become more economically interdependent, it becomes increasingly important for young adults to understand a foreign language. In an ever-increasing global economy, students need to be prepared with the appropriate language and cultural skills to be marketable to domestic and international organizations.

A true liberal arts education provides students with the necessary skills to read, write and speak in a second language. At Chesterton School, we are dedicated to teaching each student basic fluency in a modern foreign language of their choice. Our method is to provide the basic foundational knowledge through both in-person lessons and online curriculum. Once the student understands the basics, they’re completely immersed by socializing and interacting with native speakers in academic and professional settings and experience many benefits besides becoming more hirable:

Stronger Mental Acumen

Mastering a second language also causes positive changes in brain activity. It also strengthens the brain’s ability to focus, multi-task and process information.

Better College Performance

There is a strong positive correlation between successful high school foreign language learning and higher academic performance in college.

Grassroots Diplomacy

Language learning and cultural awareness help students bridge cultural barriers and support multicultural efforts in their respective communities.

Professional Preparedness Program

At Chesterton School of Liberal Arts, we are chiefly dedicated to equipping students with the moral and intellectual virtues required to help form the model citizen. We do what we can to prepare students for professional careers where they can exhibit the social graces, employ their classical training knowledge and integrate their foreign language skills. To fulfill this mission, we offer age-appropriate Professional Preparedness Programs as part of our overall curriciulum of online classical education in Glendale.

Professional Etiquette

For our middle school students, students receive lessons on the art of social etiquette to better form their character and equip and propel them for an apprenticeship opportunity in high school.


High School students receive direct knowledge of their prospective careers by being an apprentice to a consummate and inspiring professional in order to explore their desired profession. Our program enhances student resumes for college and prospective employers.